PRIME New Zealand Beef

The concept of “fast food” is commonly associated with poor quality, frozen meat that could have been sourced from almost anywhere. But there’s no need to compromise convenience for quality at Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, where the beef patties are sourced from beef with the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Quality Mark.

The Quality Mark standards are set by representatives of the meat industry at all levels right though to retail, and assure customers that the beef it appears on is of a consistently high standard.

Wendy’s has sourced its premium quality New Zealand beef from the iconic Wilson Hellaby for over 20 years, and the patties contain only 100% prime New Zealand beef, with no preservatives, binders or fillers - absolutely nothing added or taken away. All beef used at Wendy’s is grass-fed and free of Hormone Growth Promotants. It comes from steers and heifers (not bulls or cows) and is specially selected by Wilson Hellaby’s buyers for the meat patties.

The typical Wendy’s patty is selected from Angus and Hereford cattle raised on North Island farms to produce premium quality beef. 

The premium quality of its beef also demonstrates Wendys’ commitment to the highest animal welfare standards, as well as the fact that it is prepared to pay more to get the best quality ingredients.

All Wendy’s beef is New Zealand-grown and processed – something certain other major fast food chains can’t claim. Not to mention, Wendy’s is the only major fast food chain to wholly use fresh beef rather than frozen, which is delivered fresh into stores three times a week.

The Beef and Lamb Quality Mark highlights Wendy’s outstanding reputation for full-flavoured, quality food and will undoubtedly be welcomed by consumers who can continue to rest assured that Wendys’ emphasis on quality, freshness and honesty is well-substantiated.