Wendy's New S'Awesome Range

Friday August 9, 2019.

Wendy’s new S’Awesome range features Wendy’s awesome new S’Awesome sauce: a deliciously different blend of creamy ranch dressing, smoky BBQ, a lick of hot sauce, a hint of honey mustard and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, available only at Wendy’s. With long sandwich pickles for extra crunch, fresh lettuce, red onion, Colby cheese and Wendy’s famous thick cut Manuka smoked streaky bacon, Wendy’s S’Awesome range of burgers come in beef, chicken, double beef, double chicken, and S’Awesome fries.

Wendy's new S'Awesome Range is available on the Wendy's app and instore at Wendy’s restaurants nationwide from today. Ask for it by name as there will be no advertising until Monday! The Wendy’s app is available for download via the App Store or Google Play.

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Bold Baconator Range

Wendy's New Bold Baconator Range

Friday May 17, 2019.

Kiwis love bacon and Wendy’s number one selling burger the Baconator is back. This time with an award-winning sauce for those who like their bacon with a hit of heat.
Here for a limited time, Wendy’s new ‘Dragonator’ takes its name from Baxter’s Original’s fiery Dragon’s Breath sauce. Awarded the title of World Champion BBQ sauce at the World Hot Sauce Awards in 2017, the Wellington sauce makers say it is the hottest BBQ sauce you can get in New Zealand.
“It’s for those who like some fire in their meal with heaps of flavour,” says Baxter’s Original’s Berrin Moody. “The heat is not apparent at first but builds gradually without overpowering the burger’s other ingredients”. A 1/2 pound of large New Zealand beef patties, natural Colby cheese and four slices of Wendy’s thick cut Manuka smoked streaky bacon complete this generous burger.
For those who prefer a more subtle kick, this year’s Baconator line-up also includes the new ‘Jamaicanator’. With a warming, flavourful Jamaican Jerk sauce, this time from Canterbury’s Barkers of Geraldine, the aromatic spices and a hint of habanero so often matched with chicken help add a Caribbean vibe to the burger’s two whole chicken breasts, Colby cheese, mayo and four slices of thick-cut Manuka smoked bacon. 
Also back by popular demand is the ‘Cheesenator’ which comes oozing with melty cheese and bacon sauce and extra Colby cheese, and ‘Dragonator Fries’, a generous serve of thick cut fries topped with cheese sauce, grated cheese, bacon and Dragonator sauce.  
Available on the Wendy’s app, UberEats, and instore at Wendy’s restaurants nationwide from today. Ask for it by name as there will be no advertising until Monday! The Wendy’s app is available for download via the App Store or Google Play. 
Dragonator $12.50, Jamaicanator $14.20, Cheesenator $13.70, Dragonator Fries $6.40

Wendy's New Dirty American Range

Wendy's New Dirty American Range

Friday February 22, 2019.

Wendy’s new Dirty American burger comes with all the best American-inspired ingredients - long sandwich pickles, American cheese, New York style mustard relish, and creamy, tangy ‘dirty sauce’. Giving this burger a real U.S. of A. feel, the origins of this on-trend sauce are somewhat of a mystery and ingredients vary between burger joints, but Wendy’s combination of mayo, tomato sauce, lemon pepper and pickle juice is sure to fire up taste buds. Add to that lettuce, tomato, bacon and your choice of beef, double beef or double chicken, and you’ve got yourself one deliciously dirty burger.

$9.90 Single Beef, $12.50 Double Beef, $14.90 Double Chicken, $6.20 Dirty Fries.

wen1810 31 3 sticky summer range website image for news page 648x354px

Wendy's New Sticky Summer Range

Friday November 2, 2018.

Lovers of the good ol’ pineapple fritter will be licking their fingers for more with Wendy’s new Sticky Summer range.

Heroing the humble Kiwi favourite in all its deep fried golden glory, this substantial new burger comes bursting with crunchy pineapple fritter, crispy red onion, Manuka smoked streaky bacon and a generous dollop of sticky sweet sauce, all with your choice of beef, double beef or double chicken. Still peckish? Satisfy your sweet tooth with a cinnamon sugar-dusted pineapple fritter or Pina Colada shake. Exclusively available to Fan Cub from Friday the 2nd of November. Ask in store as there will be no advertising until Sunday.

At Wendy's restaurants nationwide. $13.30 Double Beef, $14.90 Double Chicken, $10.50 Single Beef, $5.50 Small Pina Colada Shake and $6.50 Large, and $4.90 Pineapple Fritter.

wen1806 27 3 baconator website image for news page 648x354px

Wendy's new Baconator Range

Tuesday August 14, 2018.

Wendy’s number one selling burger the Baconator is turning 10, and to celebrate Wendy’s has released a new extra cheesy, extra bacony version.


Here for a limited time, the new ‘Cheesenator’ comes oozing with melty cheese and bacon sauce and extra natural Colby cheese. Add to that half a pound of New Zealand beef patties and four slices of Wendy’s thick-cut Manuka smoked streaky bacon and this is one seriously cheesy, bacony burger.


Also in this year’s line-up is the BBQnator with two NZ beef patties, Colby cheese, four strips of bacon, smoky BBQ sauce and crispy onion rings, the Chickenator loaded with two whole chicken fillets, cheese, bacon and mayo, and Baconator fries, a generous serving of thick-cut fries loaded with cheese sauce, bacon and tangy BBQ sauce.


Wendy’s new Baconator range: Cheesenator: $13.30, BBQnator $13.30, Chickenator $13.30 and $6 for the fries.


What happens when you've got bacon on the brain?

Tuesday August 23, 2016.
Hereford St interior

Christchurch City, we're back!

Tuesday March 22, 2016.

Welcome back to Wendy’s in the Christchurch CBD! Our new Hereford St Wendy’s restaurant is the first burger chain to reopen in the Christchurch CBD; this time with a new look. Since the closing of our previous city outlet by the 2011 earthquake only three months after its launch, we have come back better than ever, channeling a more contemporary burger joint feel rather than a typical fast food chain. We have moved towards a new industrial mix of timber, black and white, blackened steel and concrete to create a more premium and relaxed environment. In keeping with our new look, we also now offer our valued customers the chance to sit and relax while their order is delivered to their table. But while we have all these changes, our main ethos is the same - we pride ourselves on quality and freshness. Our vegetables are delivered fresh daily, our beef is fresh never frozen, award winning bacon and quality from beginning to end. Some things will never change. Come in and see us in our new store at 120 Hereford St in the Christchurch CBD and enjoy Wendy’s new look, along with the same quality and freshness!

bacon chicken fiesta salad 648x354

Bacon Chicken Fiesta salad is here!

Tuesday October 27, 2015.
We’ve freshened up our salad range and are excited to introduce the Bacon Chicken Fiesta Salad. Treat your tastebuds to a fiesta, with our new salad featuring a grilled whole chicken fillet on a bed of crispy lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, corn, Manuka smoked bacon, and not one but two flavourful dressings, honey mustard and smoky BBQ ranch.
low carb burger april 2015

New on the menu this week!

Wednesday April 22, 2015.

The NEW low carb burger features Wendy’s quality mark sourced fresh NZ beef or Inghams whole chicken breast, NZ natural cheese, manuka smoked bacon, pickles, onions, tomato, ketchup and mayo, all wrapped in a fresh lettuce leaf. RRP $8.90.

Who says that salad has to taste boring?? Wendy's salad burger has creamy guacamole, tangy sweet thai chili sauce and cheese, onion, pickles, freshly chopped tomato and lettuce, and natural NZ cheese on a premium Kaiser bun. RRP $4.50, or add $3.00 for a small combo meal.

Crispy and juicy, Wendy’s chicken nuggets are a real treat. Sadly, they seem to disappear in no time at all. We’ve come up with a solution to that problem, as Wendy’s nuggets are now available in larger packs: 9 nuggets for just $7.00 or a 12 pack for $9.50. Made from whole chicken breast meat and served with your choice of dipping sauce – BBQ or Sweet & Sour.

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