Wendy’s is a leader in the development and execution of quality processes and initiatives that are focused intensely on a safe and wholesome food supply – from our suppliers’ farms to the customer's table.

The quality, performance and innovation of our suppliers have a direct impact on Wendy’s success, as they play a key role in the delivery of high quality food. Our goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.


We take a leadership role in influencing positive behaviors from our suppliers. Among the initiatives we have with our suppliers are Quality Assurance visits to their plants to ensure the highest product quality. Suppliers undergo regular audits by both trained Wendy's Quality Assurance representatives and third-party experts.

In addition, we work with multiple trade associations and partners to support industry-wide efforts to advance food quality and safety standards.

Wendy’s Animal Welfare Program

"Wendy's continues to lead the industry in setting and maintaining animal welfare programs. Their robust supplier requirements and auditing program are of the highest caliber in the industry."
- Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Animal Science, Colorado State University

When Wendy's began routinely auditing the animal handling practices, we hired outside experts to review supplier performance and recommend improvements. In 1998, we strengthened our existing program by adopting the comprehensive American Meat Institute animal welfare guidelines for beef and pork. These guidelines were developed by Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University, a noted expert in the field of animal behavior, who is a consultant to Wendy's. We established an Animal Welfare Council to review the effectiveness of company and supplier efforts on an ongoing basis.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

Our Company is committed to the humane treatment of animals. While we don’t own, raise, transport or process livestock, we expect each of our suppliers to exceed government regulations by meeting Wendy's more exacting standards pertaining to the humane treatment of animals.

We believe that the key elements to humane treatment of animals lie in effective education, employee awareness, ongoing verification of practices and the commitment of each supplier's senior management team.

Proper Animal Handling: We believe that handling animals in a humane manner, and preventing neglect or abuse, is the right thing to do.

Food Safety and Quality: At Wendy's "Quality is Our Recipe." Our first priority has always been the safety and quality of our products. We know that handling animals properly is important to the integrity of our food.

Continuous Improvement: To remain an industry leader in the area of animal welfare, we actively work with our suppliers to research, evaluate and implement advances in the science of animal handling and care.