WHERE do we source our produce?

As a customer who visits a Wendy’s restaurant, you can count on many things: a friendly crew; a bright, relaxed atmosphere; clean tables; and a variety of menu choices. The most important thing our customers can rely on is great-tasting food. They know the hamburgers will be fresh, never frozen; the salads crisp and fresh; and the chili rich and meaty. They expect the Frosty to be cool and creamy; the fries hot and crispy; the chicken tender and flavourful. Our customers know that our ingredients are of the highest quality.

Quality is Our Recipe

Our restaurant signs display this phrase and our commitment to quality extends to all parts of our business.

We're proud of our line-up of ingredients: fresh milk and rich cream; centre-cut chicken breasts; fresh lettuce and tomatoes right from the fields; New Zealand manuka-smoked bacon; whole fresh potatoes baked in each restaurant, and, of course, fresh, never frozen prime New Zealand beef.

What that long list means is this: we don’t cut corners. It was one of Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas’ favourite sayings, and it’s true. We could use bags of shredded lettuce. Instead we choose to hand-leaf whole heads of iceberg in our restaurants each day.  If iceberg is unavailable we sometimes substitute Cos lettuce.

In an effort to offer freshly prepared and less processed menu items, we work with suppliers who value quality food as much as we do. Our suppliers deliver fresh foods to our restaurants. That freshness is important to us. And it makes a huge difference to our customers.

Freshly Prepared

Our hamburgers are made from fresh, never frozen beef, and served on quality buns from select bakeries. Our hamburgers don’t sit under a warming lamp or on a steam table. They come off the grill onto the bun and into our customer’s hands.

Our salads are prepared fresh each day in our restaurants with fresh ingredients and delicious salad dressings.

Our chunky French fries, lightly seasoned with salt, are served hot and crispy from the fryer. The list goes on.

Making sure every customer receives the freshest food is who we are. It’s the way we’ve done it from Day One. And it’s the way we always will.

We try to source as much of our ingredients from New Zealand as possible.  We insist on the freshest and best quality food so that our customers can get the best possible food at our restaurants.

We deal with food suppliers all over New Zealand and complete strigent food safety audits to make sure the food is top quality, because that's what you expect!

  • Coca-Cola

Coca Cola are our preferred beverage supplier

  • talleys new logo spot

Talleys supply our French Fries

  • tatua

Tatua Co-Operative Dairy Company supply our rich creamy Frosty, made from fresh milk in the Waikato


  • fonterra

Fonterra supply our grated cheese

  • detpak

Detpak supply some of our packaging products

  • woodland

Woodland Free Range Eggs supply our eggs from their two New Zealand free range farms

  • wilson hellaby

Wendy's has sourced its premium quality New Zealand beef from Wilson Hellaby for over 20 years, and the patties contain only 100% prime New Zealand beef, with no preservatives, fillers or binders - absolutely nothing is added to the beef, or taken away.  All beef used at Wendy's is grass-fed and free of Hormone Growth Promotants.  It comes from steers and heifers -not bulls or cows - and the typical Wendy's patty is selected from Angus and Hereford cattle raised on North Island farms.

  • wilcox

Wilcox supply the potatoes we oven-bake for our piping hot baked potato range.  We generally use Ilam Hardy, Rua or Droga varieties as these provide the best quality and taste for baking

  • groenz

Groenz, based in Lower Hutt, supplies some of our sauces - mayonnaise and mustard

  • quality bakers

Quality Bakers bake our Kaiser and plain hamburger buns daily and deliver fresh to each restaurant six days a week

  • ingham

Waikato-based Ingham supplies all our chicken products from their farms in the North Island.  The chickens are raised in barns - not cages - where they are free to walk about.

We serve three premium chicken products - Homestyle, Spicy and Ultimate Chicken Grill - which are all made from whole chicken breast, rather than a reconstituted product


  • delmaine

Delmaine Fine Foods supply the syrups that we use in our hand-spun Frosty Shakes.